友吉 鶴心

友吉 鶴心(薩摩琵琶奏者)

Kakushin Tomoyoshi
(Japanese lute player)

He learned traditional Japanese music and arts since he was a child, especially for Satsumabiwa (Japanese lute), which is his grandfathers’ great achievements, studied under Kinshi Tsuruta. He was bestowed the name upon his grandfather and has been succeeded domestic and international such as performing for houses of an imperial prince and collaborating with artists from other musical worlds.
He won Incentive Award of the Minister of Education, NHK President Award and more. As part of spreding of traditional Japanese arts, Kakushin directs and investigates NHK Historical Drama and special drama series.

神田 松之丞

神田 松之丞(講談師)

Matsunojo Kanda
(Professional storyteller)

In November 2007, he become a pupil of Shori Kanda III then he was promoted in June 2012. Main prizes he won are Yomiuri Cup in October 2015 and got the silver prize at Hanagata-Engei prize in March 2017.
Matsunojo inherited stories called “Renzokumono” and “Hamono” in very short time, has more than 130 of stories as his stock, keeps leading and developing Kodan.

尾上 菊之丞

尾上 菊之丞(日本舞踊・尾上流四代家元)

Kikunojyo Onoe
(Classical Japanese dance / the fourth Head of the Onoe school)

He is the first son of Bokusetsu Onoe (Kikunojyo Onoe II), was born in 1976. He learned under his father and began his career in 1981 play of “Matsu no Midori.” He was given the name Seifu Onoe in 1990, inherited the name Kikunojyo Onoe III and also succeeded to the fourth Head of the Onoe school in 2011.
Since 2007, he fully succeeded to composes the choreography of Kabuki play, Takarazuka revue, World Expo and more.

尾上 右近

尾上 右近(歌舞伎俳優)

Ukon Onoe
(Kabuki actor)

He was born in 1992, as second son of Enjudayu Kiyomoto, seventh Head of Kiyomoto family. His great‐grandfather is Kikugoro Onoe VI. He started his career in 2000 when he was seven years old at Kabukiza Theatre, inherited the name Ukon Onoe II at Shinbashi Enbujo Theatre in 2005. He was bestowed the name Eijudayu Kiyomoto, seventh Head of Kiyomoto family in 2018, performed “Super Kabuki II ONE PIECE” with Ennosuke Ichikawa in the same year. He received National Theater Award and the New Face Award of Matsuo Geino in 2017-2018.


琵琶 壇の浦

講談 扇の的 神田松之丞

舞踊×琵琶 忠度 尾上菊之丞×友吉鶴心

長唄 静と知盛 尾上右近


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